Plug into the sun

Solar Energy has made substantial growth in renewables segment. With the ascent of technology, Solar Power has become more rewarding in terms of financial returns and conservation of nature. With a vision to generate clean and green energy, team PRISHIJA has come up with sustainable and turnkey solutions for our customers

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Solar Power Plant

Parking Space

Solar Offgrid Products

Water Pump System
DC Home System

Invest in Solar Energy today, Enjoy the benefits for years!

Solar Panel Coating

Water Saving

Operation and Maintenance

Cleaning of Modules
Comprehensive Services
Performance Improvement

Why Choose Us

Robust Design + Best-in-class Components + Efficient Services + Performance monitoring = Best Return on Investment

System Design

Optimized layout ,electrical design engineering to ensure minimum powerloss.

Sturdy Structure

designed as per longitude, latitude and azimuth angle to fetch optimum generation.

System Protection

Use of best-in-class switchgears and cables to ensure safe operation.


Use of precise tools and measuring equipment to ensure superior workmanship.

States MH, KN and RJ
0 kW+
Cumulative experience
30 %
Cost saving
Years for payback


Although our work is our best commendation, the following accoldaes help to present us in a better light.

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