About us


To provide all the necessary assistance right from Concept to Commissioning to Sustenance with O&M and Retrofitting services helps the entrepreneur understand the feasibility and profitability of investing in solar energy.


Utilising solar power is making the business unit profitable at the same time becomes a wonderful assistant in developing the GREEN environment. With a vision to generate clean and green energy, Team Prishija has come up with sustainable solutions of EPC and retrofitting services in Solar Energy.


Robust design & engineering with world class components gel with the flaw-less process of project installation with dedicated service support gives optimum power output to maximise the return on investment for the business owner.

About us

As a proud and responsible Indian, we must contribute to save the environment of Mother Earth for our coming generations. With this motive, Prishija Energy Private Limited was founded in Pune on 19 July 2017, which provides turnkey solutions in Solar Energy. The Company is established with a focus on promoting the utilization of self-sustained green energy as a supplementary source of power for industrial, commercial and residential premises.

Our product portfolio includes –

  • Solar PV system (ground mounted, rooftop, carport)
  • Solar PV off grid , hybrid systems
  • Operation and Maintenance of Solar Power Plant
  • PV Module coating for performance enhancement
  • Electrical panels (AJB, ACDB, LT panel)

We are dedicated to environment friendly power generation, with a team who specialises in renewable energy. Our experience in this sector helps us to analyse the client’s requirement and provide the best suitable solution according to their needs. Since our establishment, we have already completed rooftop installation in different parts of India amounting to 1000 kWp and 40 HP Solar pumps.

We make sure to use quality materials and follow safety procedures raising the benchmarks in industry standards so as to establish credibility and confidence in our sponsors and customers.

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Why Choose Us

Let us now emphasize on the main benefits that customers will get by your company. Tell them that you have a solution for all their pain points and will cater to each one of them.

System Design

Optimized layout ,electrical design engineering to ensure minimum power loss.

Sturdy Structure

designed as per longitude, latitude and azimuth angle to fetch optimum generation.

System Protection

Use of best-in-class switchgears and cables to ensure safe operation.


Use of precise tools and measuring equipment to ensure superior workmanship.

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